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  1. Lane Keep Assist not working on all highways

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Discussion
    Lane Keep Assist works fine on most highways except for one I travel on frequently. For the first 30 kilometers it works fine and I see the highway lines showing up in the heads up display which means it's working, but then those highway liines don't show up anymore in the heads up display...
  2. favorite highways to drive?

    Off Topic Lounge
    On a recent road-trip I drove New York State Route 117 (aka, the Saw Mill River Parkway) for the first time, from east to west (from I-684 down to I-87/287, just north of New York City). It was a blast: 2-lanes going in each direction, separated by a guardrail down the middle, through winding...
  3. Speed Limits Only Displaying on Highways

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    I am driving a one-month old Mazda-3 Sport GS 2014 and live in Toronto (largest city in Canada). Version 27 is installed. The speed limits are only being displayed on highways although I have the set them to always display. I would assume that the speed limits are actually *known* by the map...
  4. Best Highways for Cruising......

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    and having oral sex. :angel: :beerchug: We have all at least considered it.... Some have tried it (safely). But knowing where to go is also imperative. :beerchug: http://www.bobfromaccounting.com/7_24/highwaysex.html