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  1. Any Mazda Owners in GTA East Side?

    So im just curious. is there any Mazda owners east of Toronto that would be into doing meet ups or any clubs that i could even join?
  2. GTA Dealerships

    Which Mazda dealerships in the GTA have you guys had the best service experience? One chat with 401 dixie service tech and I never want to go there again. Thanks
  3. Newbie in NC in Need

    New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    I just bought a 2012 i Touring (I think that's the model, 2.5 SkyActiv, no nav). I love the car; it's a black hatch with a six-speed manual. I own a 97 Miata, but it's long in the tooth for a daily driver. However, I have a problem that I need to figure out ASAP. I only do two things in my...
  4. GTA East side Roll out video - Toronto Mazda 3 club

    I just want to share to you guys the BBQ we had for Toronto Mazda 3 club. It was held at Cambridge, Ontario on May 27, 2012. Over 80 cars showed up and around 20 of us cruised for an hour and a half to the BBQ site. Here's a video from one of our members: BubbaQ Cruise - East - May 27 - HD -...