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  1. South East Michigan Meet and Greet

    Hello fellow Mazda 3 owners. With the weather beginning to break (with the exception of this weekends snow storm just a few miles north, love Michigan). I was curious to see if any others are interested in getting together sometime soon. Maybe go for a cruise or just shoot the breeze for a few...
  2. Austin Mazda Meet 'N Greet

    South Central
    I traded in my for my new Miata and I was initially planning a solo Lime Creek run for this weekend. However, a few people decided to join me and we decided to make it an open Meet and Greet for all local area Mazdas! Confirmed cars as of right now: My 2014 Club Miata, a genjuan speed3, a mazda...
  3. 2014 Bay Area 3rd Gen Meet & Greet

    Pacific West
    When: 2014, day/time TBA (as long as its not raining) Where: Pacific Commons aka The Block (Fremont) What: Meet & greet for the 3rd gen 3 owners, any Mazda is welcome as well. Why: Why not? Down to attend list: 1. Pouyan 2. Jeremiah So who here is up for a meet? I realize we are a...
  4. Meet and greet?

    Middle Atlantic Region
    Anyone want to get together somewhere? Put some faces together with user names and what not. We can plan to have this somewhere everyone and meet and maybe take pics or go for a cruise maybe grab a bite to eat. It would also be a great way to see what kind of mods some people have done as...
  5. Portland, OR Meet & Greet

    Pacific West
    Hey everyone, Not sure if there are any folks from the PDX area here on the forum, but I've been hosting a weekly car club at my house on Tuesday Nights. Last week we had 2 MS6's, a Drift Miata and an RX-8 show up. Along with an AE70 Corolla w/ 1JZ-GTE Supra Drivetrain, Nissan Z31 Turbo w/...
  6. Missouri M3 roll call! meet and greet.

    2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Discussion
    For all of us from Missouri we should go on a cruise. Anyways, im from St. Charles. where are you all from?