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  1. GoPro Guide—What You Need To Know (And Some Are On Sale)

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    In recent years, GoPro cameras have become a car enthusiast’s dream. Whether you’re a track day enthusiast or simply like attending car shows, a GoPro is the perfect compact device to capture all the action. With a GoPro, you can relive your lap around the track or share it quickly with the...
  2. Score a Deal on This GoPro Bundle

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    No, it's not the HERO7, but the HERO6, but it's selling for a deal and comes with a massive accessory kit, making it ideal for catching those driving shenanigans in crisp 4K. Read More Here!
  3. FS: GoPro Wifi Remote

    Buy / Sell / Trade
    Selling this extra Remote that I have. Works great and in good condition. Only been used like three times. Still have the original package and pamphlet paper things as well as the charging cable. It's compatible with the HERO3. Also HERO2 and original HERO that have the Wifi BacPac. Asking...
  4. FS: GoPro Hero

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    SOLD: GoPro Hero GoPro Hero for sale. I hardly ever used it. $100 shipped *I will only sale to someone with reputation. Ie, old schooler, someone I talk to a lot, or trust. NO Newbies please. PayPal payment. US shipping only. Pm if your interested. Everything in this picture comes with...
  5. GoPro Mounting locations?

    2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Appearance & Interior
    i did a bunch of searching and didn't yield much for exterior GoPro mounting locations, The stock MS3 bumper doesn't have an large ledges to mount it and keep daytime sun out of the lens. i stuck it to the top of the car looking down the hood but the constant direct sunlight it gets glares the...
  6. VIDEO: GOPRO fun

    2010-2013 Mazda 3 Engine and Performance
    My budda just got an AT supra as a project car so i took some sketchy hand held video. Not to bad for sound clips too.
  7. GoPro HD's for 249.99

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    Found this while searching for a second one for myself - looks like a good price to me GoPro HD Hero Digital Video Camera