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  1. Furai Lights Thread

    2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Appearance & Interior
    So I've gotten sort of excited over the idea of this. I'm trying to create a Furai like look via LEDs. Honestly, I didn't plan on posting this until it was finished, but I'd rather be open to advice on wiring and certain LEDs so I don't do it wrong. I'd like to re-do some of the light...
  2. Mazda Furai coming to Forza

    Off Topic Lounge
    Good news race fans... The Mazda Furai is coming to Forza on March 9th!!! The Jalopnik Car Pack | Forza Motorsport
  3. Mazda Furai Concept video

    Off Topic Lounge
    Found it on the internet. thought i'd share.
  4. Mazda Furai Concept (merged thread)

    Other Cars
    "The car utilizes the Courage C65 chassis the company campaigned in the ALMS series only two seasons ago, and the 450-hp three-rotor rotary engine that distinguishes it from anything else on the track." not sure if it was posted already but I'll take three. Detroit Auto Show: Mazda Furai