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  1. Fast Five Meet!!!

    Great Lakes Region
    Hey guys. I know some of you may not want to see this movie and others just won't admit to wanting to watch it and some plan on it. Whatever the case may be. I would like to have a meet for the Best Hot Dogs in Illinois and to watch Fast Five at Muvico Theater parking V.I.P style. I say we...
  2. No Food Policy.

    Off Topic Lounge
    I was wondering if anyone had a strict no food or drink policy like me for their Mazda3. :tongue: I only allow water in my car. No other food or drinks are allowed. I know it's strict but I am a clean freak :)
  3. Chinese Food...

    Off Topic Lounge
    Oh, my god! it's the devil! Tastes so good, but now i feel like Fat Albert ate Eric Cartmen after he ate his way to safety out of a cheesy-poof factory accident.:blush 1::thumbsdown 1::nuke::nuke::nuke:
  4. allergies and food

    Off Topic Lounge
    So i'm sitting here enjoying a food that i am allergic too and i just wondered, how many other people are allergic to a food but still try to eat it every now and then any way. In my case it is an apple, i used to be able to eat these things all the time and now i can't. So what about u guys?