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  1. Rita's Combo Mazda Meet, Thursday, February 5th.

    Pacific West
    MOD EDIT: 01/14/15 We're having another combo meet Thursday, February 5th. Same place and details as before. Photo by @My spoon is too big This is gonna be a combo meet between the Redondo beach Ritas meet and the San Diego Ritas meet. I wanted to join the meet so we can finally meet some...
  2. February 23rd Palomar canyon cruise

    Pacific West
    Hello, we will be having a cruise on Palomar canyon on the 23rd of February. Everyone is welcome, all cars welcome. So who's down? Starbucks 306 West El Norte Parkway Escondido, CA 92026 Time: 7am meetup, heading out at 8am Previous turnout on Ortega hwy...
  3. Philadelphia Auto Show - January 31 – February 8, 2009

    Middle Atlantic Region
    http://www.phillyautoshow.com/ If anyone wants to meet up and go let me know!!!
  4. Tampa Meet February 9th

    South Atlantic
    9:00 P.M. Saturday February 9, 2008 SONIC DRIVE IN 4411 WEST GANDY BOULEVARD TAMPA, FL 33611 1. Redd78- Krystal '06 Mazda3 S GT 2. Iceysax - Ryan 04 Lava Orange Hatch 3. Sokool- Kyle- '07 Mazda 3s 5-Door 4. Jujarso- Justin 05 Winning Blue Hatch 5sp 5. Nealio- Neal '05 Mazda6S hatch 6...