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  1. JBR has your MAC 35 Series 3-Port EBCS kits in stock!!

    James Barone Racing
    Details: By request of the Mazdaspeed Community, JBR has put together an affordable *3-Port Electronic Boost Controller that utilizes the trusted MAC 35 series valve. No longer do you need to waste your time sourcing the valve, the fittings, the vacuum hose and the hardware separately to make up...
  2. need some advice on grimmspeed ebcs

    2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    I have a 2010 mazdaspeed 3 and i just recently installed a turbo inlet piping. During the installation my wife ripped off the plastic tip that goes to turbo inlet piping. The car then ran at 14psi and then i installed the grimmspeed ebcs and at 7psi the car acts up!?? Need some advice...
  3. grimmspeed ebcs problems

    New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    I have a 2010 mazdaspeed 3 and when i was installing my corksport tip i broke the line to the piping from the stock bcs. I ordered a grimmspeed ebcs and installed last night and cor some reason i could boost to 7 psi and the car will give me problems...any ad ice