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  1. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Discussion
    I was planning on getting the Corksport short shift plate and rear motor mount for my 2014 Mazda3 hatch 2.0L 6MT, and while perusing Corksport's site i noticed they no longer have listings for any Skyactiv rear motor mounts (M3, M6 and CX5). I contacted Corksport and was informed that they no...
  2. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Discussion
    Has anyone else experienced this? We finally had some rain in the bay area and during the pause inbetween songs, I hear water dropping. Its like a drip. I hear it near the front/firewall area. First I heard it on the passenger side and then later near the drivers side. When I got home, I checked...
1-2 of 3 Results