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  1. Show off gloss black banner or any other color

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Appearance & Interior
    Just want to get ideas on what is out there in creativity..
  2. new site banner?

    Site News & Updates
    About 2 weeks ago (12/14/14) a big discussion occurred regarding the site banner; the thread was entitled: "Poll: Should the 2014 be the star?" Has another Gen-3 sedan been added to the far-right of the site banner? Or has that been there all along? If the former, hope this helps to put the...
  3. Should the 2014 be the star?

    Site News & Updates
    I've been disappointed in the arrangement of the forum banner at the top of the page since it was introduced not long ago. The design looks great, but why is the new 2014 3rd generation off to the left and in the background. It looks less important and looks played down. I just brought this up...
  4. Banner cycles through many logos

    Community Help
    I saw this on 8thcivic.com (was there for the coolnavi thread they had) and they have a rotating top banner on their forums. Would that be a possibility there where it cycles through a group of logos we come up with?