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  1. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Suspension & Handling
    A shop just told me it would cost $600-$1000 to install my road magnet springs and Koni struts. This seems very unreasonable to me (they also said it would take 6 hours for their "professionals" to do it). What have other people paid for their installs as I cannot imagine it would cost that...
  2. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Suspension & Handling
    Hey guys, I've been thinking of finally lowering my 3 and I've been thinking of how to do it. I wish I can do coilovers but I don't feel like dishing out the cash. So maybe springs will be suffice. I've got EKM3's 18" with a 225/45R18 tire. I visually measured the height and came to around 2...
1-2 of 2 Results