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  1. Hello From Alberta

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    Hey all, just signed paperwork for a 2017 Mazda 3 Hatch 2.5L 6spd manual this past Friday. Very anxiously awaiting a call from my salesman to tell me if they found one for me and what my delivery date will be. I went for White exterior with the black leather interior, so essentially a fully...
  2. Hi, I'm Paul from Alberta, Canada

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    I joined the forum 2 months ago, read all about the information of 2015 Mazda 3 sport, and bought one a month ago, thanks all your guys. This car is right up with the car I used to own, 240Z and 300ZX 1990. I have a question, I have a set of Blizzard 225/55/80 snow tires, only have 4K km on, can...
  3. Alberta Mazda meet?

    So how about doing an Alberta Mazda meet? Seems to be a few of us on here from Calgary and Edmonton area. We could pick somewhere central like Red Deer or Innisfail? Thoughts? and how many would be interested?
  4. Hello from Alberta

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  5. Any MZ3 Owers in Calgary, Alberta?

    Hey just thought I'd see if there are any other Calgary MZ3 owners out there? I know there are lots on the road here...:yes:
  6. Hello, new Mazda 3 owner from Alberta!!

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    Hi there, I'm a new Mazda 3 owner as of this past May and have totally enjoyed my summer with my, new to me car. This is only my second car, I upgraded from a very base model Toyota Carolla and I have not looked back... I love the handling of the Mazda the spunk and zoom it has not to mention...
  7. Hello from Alberta! White GS Sport

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    First time Mazda owner here! After having a bunch of lemons for winter beaters, I decided on the new 3 to provide peace of mind and take over winter/daily driving duties. Initially I was going to go with the manual tranny (it's $1200 cheaper!), but after the test drive I was really turned off...
  8. new member from edmonton alberta

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    i purchased my first brand new car in november, it is a 2010 mazda 3 sport gs manual. it replaced my old volkswagen golf and i must say i dont miss the electrical problems. my future plans for the 3 are to tint it get rims and drive it unlike my last few money pits that spent more time parked...
  9. New Guy form Alberta

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    Hi everyone i wanted to say that the forum is awesome, and I'm glad to be part of it. So I bought a 2010 MZ3 2.5l GT-E Black mica and I love that car and now i miss it because im in Afghanistan right now loll so I hope that every one of you guys enjoye the new Mazda. Cheers,