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  1. Pacific West
    ok so i just got my schedule for june today. so this is the only weekend im off for the month. so i was thinking we can meet somewhere in banning or my house in beaumont and then head up the 243 to a few points, hang out, take pics. There is a lake a few miles up with a parking lot and alot of...
  2. South Atlantic
    9:00 P.M. Saturday February 9, 2008 SONIC DRIVE IN 4411 WEST GANDY BOULEVARD TAMPA, FL 33611 1. Redd78- Krystal '06 Mazda3 S GT 2. Iceysax - Ryan 04 Lava Orange Hatch 3. Sokool- Kyle- '07 Mazda 3s 5-Door 4. Jujarso- Justin 05 Winning Blue Hatch 5sp 5. Nealio- Neal '05 Mazda6S hatch 6...
1-2 of 2 Results