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Purchased used in February 2007 (I am the second owner). It had 50,000 miles when I bought it. It is now over 90,000 (I would check odometer but it is in the shop right now).

On the day before Christmas Eve 2007, someone talking on her phone plowed into the back, pushing my car into cars in front. Sounded like an explosion. It was a very heavy impact but I believe the little Mazda was very well made to sustain that impact on both ends as well as it did. My insurance carrier (Farmers) did not "total it" and allowed the repairs.

It is a wonderful little car, in the way that it handles.

Right now it is in the shop to have the driver's side seat track replaced - this will cost $1,158.00 which I think is a lot of money but I would rather put money into this car and keep it going. In the course of looking things
up here regarding the wobbly seat, I see many other people have had wobbly seats and it seems to be a problem in later model years as well as my own. If it is a problem that did not originate in the Mazda factory, could it be possible that seat tracks get damaged if the Lo-Jack devices are installed in that area? I understand that Lo-Jack does not divulge where the devices are installed but if they remove a seat to install it, perhaps that is what has happened - especially when you read about a very new Mazda having this problem, not having had an accident or "wear and tear".

Another thing that I had to replace a few years ago were the motor mounts - very expensive! I had heard about tires, brakes, hoses, fluids, transmission work and have had things like that repaired/replaced over the years on various cars but I had never heard of motor mounts. Was Mazda using very flimsy motor mounts in the original manufacture so that they would need to be replaced? Has anyone else had this done?

As I said, I love my car - I feel that the 2004 model of the Mazda 3 is really, really nice - and such a solid little car and it has beautiful contours that I have not seen in later models.
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