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  • mostcallmerob ·
    Hey man, I saw a few posts where you were discussing some annoyances with your Skyactiv 6MT. I just bought a 13' Mazda 3 Skyactiv 6MT and have been experiencing problems going into first, notchy shifting, slight grinds, and clunks going into gear. How's your transmission been holding up?
    vkamnyev ·
    I sure did buy it from Jeff Schmitt. How did you know? I looked at Kings Mazda as well but they wouldn't bargain on price since I wanted to order the car from factory. Are you from Dayton? How are you liking the car so far?
    GTCOMA ·
    Hey, just saw your post, did you buy yours from Jeff Schmidtt in beavercreek. I just bought the hatchback brother fron Kings Mazda in Mason.
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