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  • twowings ·
    I know I'm in the minority on this, but I set up my fader so I'm 'onstage' with the musicians instead of 'looking' at them throught the windshield so my plan is upgrading all 6 speakers and adding the sub in a discreet location....I don't listen to anything that requires thundering bass (Pink Floyd notwithstanding) and I prefer clean midrange and highs with a little equalization as possible....would just upgrading the six OEM speakers probably do me just fine ?
    Derrick_B ·
    The 6.5" subs are becoming more popular as vehicles get smaller and I really like the idea. They can go low, but typically aren't as efficient as larger speakers. They're awesome because they can easily fit in doors and deck lids without modification. If you find some that can run free-air, then deaden the heck out of your rear doors, that would be the ultimate stealth bass setup. I can't comment on the specific JL models, but it's hard to go wrong with JL...if you have the money. There are other options, like the Tang Band (Parts-Express.com:Tang Band W6-1139SI 6-1/2" Subwoofer | subwoofer 6" subwoofer neodynium subwoofer tangband tb speakers tangband-22008) and ED (Elemental Designs).
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