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  • SwiftyZA ·
    Hi SergSlim

    According to this thread firmware thread you had a hand in providing the firmware and Nav SD card data. I noticed that the Africa Nav data in not there. Do you perhaps know where I can find it? Here in South Africa we are charged R7500 for the card, that is almost 600 USD, daylight robbery.

    I can get my hands on a cracked one for half that price, but paying for a pirate copy goes against the fundamental concept of pirating.

    My only option is to find the SD card files somewhere and create my own, hopefully spread the joy for free among the Mazda owners here in SA.

    I really hope you can help me out here,
    hahaaha ·
    Hi SergSlim,

    I'm trying to activate the LIM on my CC and my original 720-04-23 is

    00 00 BF 09 21 37 swap to 00 00 BF 41 57 to activate CC with LIM.

    After all the code with checksum loaded into my CX-5, i got U2300:00 on my PCM module. I did some checking and realized I dont have LIM LED inside the IC module.

    Do u have any idea where else can I try the code out for LIM to work with my CC? I tried to disable the LIM by altering 720-01-02 B1:00 into 80 but the system couldn't let me do that somehow.

    Please help.

    EDIT: btw, mine is CX-5 2018 (2nd gen) with segmented IC (not the one with colorful LCD display)
    Mekkie ·
    Hello SergSlim,

    I'm from the Netherlands and very happy with all your good work.
    The problem in my country is that there's hardly any information about cx-5 electronics in Dutch language.
    Because of that I started a facebook group called Mazda cx-5 tips & weetjes.
    In that group I made a free translation of some parts of your work and of course I wrote your name as source.
    Of course you are free to check this out if you like (it's a closed group but if you want I'll put you in).

    Can you agree with this or is it a problem for you?
    Hope to hear from you.

    Best regards,
    Marc Horbach
    m3driver315 ·
    The values I have for my car are as follows:

    720-04-01 18B0 0080 FF
    720-04-23 0000 BF09 10

    Then the new values calculated from the excel spreadsheet:

    720-04-01 18C0 0080 FF83
    720-04-23 0000 BF09 2036

    Do these look correct?
    m3driver315 ·
    Hello ,
    I am new and exploring my option for adding a cruise to my 2015 Mazda 3 i SV (base). I noticed on a few threads you seemed to have a good understanding of how to do this & I was hoping to get your help. I managed to order:
    swheel FITS 14-16 MAZDA 3 84387



    These items should arrive later this week, in mean time I want to try and figure out the calculations as best I could to make sure I was on the right track.
    Following directions on excel file: Mazda SkyActiv OBD-II calc [FORSCAN], I went to MazdaAsBuilt search engine and entered my vin to get the CCC Data. I put it in the excel file but I am not sure I am getting the right numbers or how to properly use the excel file to begin with.

    Could help me calculate the correct values?


    rosttins ·
    Добрый день)Увидел что вы тоже из Украины,хотел спросить подробнее по поводу европейской прошивки на американское авто,стоит ли рисковать?Заранее спасибо.Имеет ли значение моя комплектация и мотор для прошивки?
    bobstar_fr ·
    My file for CX3
    I got the information by "bit to bit" comparing data from DuyHuynh (Auto door lock equiped), Maverick_CX3 (Auto door lock Not equiped), romantao (Auto door lock Not equiped) and mine (Auto door lock Not equiped).
    I still miss 1 or 2 IC data of a CX3 or M2 (auto door lock equiped) to confirm the theory
    [email protected] ·
    Привет! Спасибо огромное! Всё прочитал, очень поучительно, моя история приблизительно такая же... :)
    закончат с ремонтом и буду разбираться.... еще потревожу.... СПАСИБО!
    mohamed.fathy ·
    I clicked (write all) after changing values and it started writing until block#4 >> error message appears >> (incompatible configuration)

    so please help me find the new correct values
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