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  • MysexyM3 ·
    Hey, I saw and old post of yours where you plasti dipped the bottom of your front bumper. I just wanted to ask you how you removed the plasti dip without screwing up the straight edge? I did a sample on my car and when I went to remove the tape it ruined the straight edges as it brought the whole dipped area with the tape.
    Knightiac ·
    Thanks again for the kind words man. If you ever need a hand with anything, I'll give it my best shot. I live within ten minutes of UCF.
    ReD-DrAgOn ·
    I got them from Autolimo.com
    He is local to me, and has trouble free warranty so it worked out great.

    I run 4300k now, I found 6000k was to blue for the wet dark winters we get.
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