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  • OrangeVirus1 ·
    Hey, incase you were interested. Molnar technologies is selling Connecting rods for the 2.5L. yes! billet H-beams for only 425$ a set

    please email Tom @ molnar. Just google molnar technologies and go to the site for the email ( dont want to post here, might break a rule)

    Also we'd love to know about your cams!
    poncho180 ·
    Hi my friend! i have some questions... pls help
    the balance shaft delete help??
    Flash ecu gives more power??how many hps?
    i have msds, magnaflow, sri CS... what more i can do?
    Rherold9 ·
    Is the magnaflow exhaust direct bolt-on? or do you have to cut the stock exhaust. I'm just wondering if it is just a racepipe instead of cutting the the stock exhaust before the cat... wanting the magnaflow pretty badly or a header.
    Crespo ·
    So you got your dynotronics tune, but never elaborated much on it. How are you liking it? Noticeable difference?
    RTFM ·
    Hey I noticed you got the Corksport power series exhaust! Im about to buy one and I was just curious what your honest opinion on it is... Im on a tight college budget so this is a "big spend" for me. I just wanna make sure its definetely worth the money?
    jackf ·
    It definitely give a more aggressive sound under full throttle acelleration... it still remains pretty quiet at cruising speeds.
    LilRob4287 ·
    Hey Jack! So how does that CS SRI sound like? Ive got the same model as you and was thinking about getting the upgrade myself :]
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