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  • bvonwa20 ·
    were you ever able to solder that red lampspot LED in where the blue one was? If so and if it all worked and looked great, where can i get the red bulb?
    sjsujdm ·
    hey derrick i lvoe your wheels, it matches very nice with the white, could you tell me what brand of wheels those are and the model as well as the tire specifications, offset etc..
    Derrick_B ·
    The Corksport exhaust was too loud for my taste. AFAIK, it was not tested in a hatchback, so there is a noticable roar around 3500 rpm. Some people don't seem to mind it, but I did.
    RTFM ·
    Hey Derrick. Im looking to buy the Corksport powerseries exhaust and i notice that you decided to take it off? Was the exhaust really that obnoxious? what'd you think of the exhaust besides that?
    sorry for all the questions, i just want to make sure im buying something worth the money...
    Thematt2387 ·
    Have you had any cel trouble? I haven't had any yet and the weather has dropped to around 45 around here so I don't understand why so many people are getting the cel and saying it's because of the temperature.
    vcp ·
    Your sub and amp install are looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    I was curious, where are you going to store your jack? As well which amp are you installing? I would love to put my amp there as well but can't go without the jack, if it even would fit.

    I think I may attempt the jack compartment install. I'l take pics when I do.
    twowings ·

    In one of your rare moments of spare time, would you mind giving me your learned opinion of these items....I'd like to save some interior space.....Thanks in advance !

    JL Audio - Car Audio Systems

    BTW, in my research I ran across this: (you probably know much of this but I thought it a good reference piece)

    Dan McGrath's Subwoofer Project
    Thematt2387 ·
    Hey i posted some more pics of my HID's....the picks I had at first are from my phone...these are from an ok camera...i chose the 6000k over the 4300k because of the color..i like the pure white with a minor tint of blue..the 4300k are too yellow for me..if you can take some of the same types of pics for me so i can compare too thanks.
    gio64 ·
    Thanks Derrick, I appreciate it. I will get rims, but not right now.
    I want the RPF1s on my RX7, but I won't go any bigger than 17" (at least that's what I'm thinking now, anyway...)
    Nice buy, also, that colour is absolutely great on a white car. When I had a white one, I have always had problems with finding a rim finish I'd be very happy with, as the chrome or silver really don't look that great. This colour of yours seems to have enough darkness to stand out without being too dark and look like you have a big black blotch in the wheel well...
    Let's see them on the car, I guess....
    Nooishmee ·
    Yea man I found those blitz rims in a junkyard for 150 no tires thou, 17 x 8 +35 Im running 205/50 17 tires freakin stretched lol!
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