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  • Scout ·
    Your welcome.:smiley: It's hard to express how much better the wheel feels, how it's easier to take a corner, or quickly turn the wheel in an emergency, just by adding this piece of leather.
    juice ·
    Hey Bigmac, I have not been able to get it into my car. I need to find a mod friendly dealer in jersey. Sorry for not able to answer your question.
    jlindsey ·
    Hey big mac, how bout a picture with your tint. I'm putting 20% all round on mine, I'd like to see what it looks like.
    pepperdro ·
    I had a hard time trying to drill the top 2 holes on the brake pedal... any suggestions? Right now they are just being held on by the bottom set screws.
    luis ·
    yes I also got the rear door sills also... they are nice too, just smaller and a bit wider.... I also just got the metallic foot pedals but havent had a chance to put them on.
    nizzy1115 ·
    I live in the northwest burbs (crystal lake area) and work in the schaumburg area (office right near woodfield). I'd be up for a meet if i was free during that time.
    Lane03 ·
    It's been good, thanks for asking. Yeah, I have been so busy with work and regular life that I haven't been online as much as I used to. I have posted a little over at RX-8 club, but definitely not the same social environment as here. How you doing? Ever get those pedals installed?
    justamazda ·
    hey quick question might sound dumb but im new with mazda cars wats the deal with alexa wats it stand for or mean?
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