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  • joemwd ·
    hello ASH how are u man .
    pls can u help me ?
    i updating my FIRMWARE. from 56.00.513 to 95.00.502 and i want to roll back to 513 can u help me pls.

    and how about the v 95.00.532 also close the usb ??
    CrouchingTiger ·
    HI Ash,

    Im from Singapore... I got my Mazda 3(yr 204) Trying to update the firmware...

    OS VERSION: 31.00.100

    I saw ur post

    However, i can't DL the file when i tried :
    ADR 56.00.513C Failsafe :6,850 KB

    ADR 56.00.513C Reinstall :1,853,075 KB

    Can u help pls...
    Thank you very much in advance!
    aevlat ·
    Hi mate,

    I am reading many comments and have been reading the forum for hours. You seem like you know what you are doing.

    I currently have a mazda 3 2014 imported from japan and would like to install a firmware where language is available in english.

    Is it safe to move from JP to NA or EU

    Maumistic ·
    Hi ASH8! i want to change my mdz from Japanese to English.
    i live in the Caribbean i have a 2014 mazda axela hybrid. which version should i use and how to i get the links? the HOW-TO post doesnt have the working links and thread is closed. i see the version is JP 56.0
    cyfodonda ·
    Good day Ash8,
    I was trying to download the files from the link provided, but it gives me an error 404.
    I'm driving a mazda 3 2015 1.6 ADR with OS 56.00.100 4A N. Can you email me the latest files to [email protected]

    I'll appreciate it.
    Bernard ·
    Hello Ash,
    Please I am new on this platform my MZD connect is currently running on V21. Please can you send me the link to download EU 31.00.100A if available? Thank you.
    burstingninja ·
    Hi ASH8,
    I'm new to this forum, I own a mazda 3 2016 from NA (mexico), i was trying to download the 59 firmware and I was looking for the mazda/ mdz connect utility but I couldn't find it.
    According to the google links for the mazda update I didn't have permissions to view the contents, my gmail account is [email protected]

    Thanks, dude

    I really appreciate if you could share the 3 links with me. Than you once again
    roblub ·
    Hi there, firmware download links don't work for me as well. Can you please give me access to these files?

    Thank you.
    cyfodonda ·
    Hi there,
    I hope I can get help. My OS is 56.00.100 4AN and MDV is 00.07.000, and I'm in South Africa. Can I update to the latest version?
    apocolyps911 ·
    Hello there,

    As some other people state below i'm not allowed to access the Google drive locations, could you please check?

    Thanks in advance!
    Mzd3-Fan ·
    hello Buddy
    what Firmware is used in the Carribean I am From Trinidad and Tobago
    abut I bought A foreign Used 2014 Mazda 3 from Japan and the language on The Mazda infotainment is in Japanese
    Any Suggestions
    phegedus ·
    Hi My name is Peter from hungary.
    First of all sorry for my English, is not perfect.
    I have bought a 2016 Cx-5 from Us market, and shipped to Europe.
    I have red a lot of forums about firmware and update , and such a things, I wanted EU map for the car, after a lot of search on the net a found a guy from Ukraine, who did it for me. He sent me the EU sd card navi, and I had to send him the file , and he sent me back the pached file, so the navi is working great, all Europe map included.
    So my question is that possible to update the CMU firmware as well?
    Because I did not found I clear thread about it, someone said , just stay at the original religion otherwise you will brick your CMU.
    I want to upgrade the firmware , because the Language options and the correct radio tune, I am not sure there is a Hungarian language in the EU firmware eighter.
    If you can give me a right answer for me , I would be appreciate this
    demkr ·

    I would just like to pointing out, that if you upgrade CMU from Mazda 3 model year bellow 2017, you will get constant error messages about SCBS and LDWS not Available. This is probably due to different sensors in model 2017.
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