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  • Argon ·
    Yeah I actually just got them installed this month. Sorry I don't come around here that much anymore. I put up the only pic of them on in my "misc" album.
    Zarkaaus VRedM3 ·
    Hey man I was wondering if you ever got pics up of your painted CS eyelids installed? I am thinking of getting them on my next CS order but unsure if I should leave them black or match them.
    krimson viper ·
    Tracy? I don't even have a clue where that is. I'm in Fairfield. I didn't even know there was a meet, but I'm too busy for things like that right now. After schooling.:yes:
    Argon ·
    I ended up going to Mister Tint in San Jose because of Yelp reviews and because it was convenient enough to drop it off during work and pick up later; much more expensive though. I also didn't want my door panels removed like they do at Best Image. My good friend just went to best Image 2 weeks ago and is happy with his tint: $150 for everything save the windshield on a Civic. I've seen it and it looks fine; very good value IMO.
    Miss Emm ·
    Hey Argon,
    I was going through a thread and saw your post about best image. Did you end up getting your tint there? Everyone in my family has gone there and love it. But I've been looking through yelp and I'm not sure..
    jackf ·
    17x7.5 +48... still not flush, the front could use a 5mm spacer and 15mm in the rear would put them flush.
    Argon ·
    (PART 2):
    Personally, I'm not sure if it's worth how much I paid at the dealer, although I am glad I did because the radio sucks for the most part; but I qualify that with the convenience of having a dedicated ipod in there. If I currently didn't have one I would just buy the one from MazdaParts and install myself since it comes with instructions (I think). If you are hesitant you can see if a local forum member with experience opening up the insides is willing to help or just wait until someone posts a how-to.

    Hope that helps.
    Argon ·
    Congrats on the new phone and all the happy driving, I just surpassed 8k miles on mine. I went the route of ordering the option when I purchased so it would just get tossed into the financing of the entire car, because it is so damn expensive. It is really convenient, although it is far from perfect and I wish it had a little better functionality. If I didn't have it, I don't think I would go through the trouble of playing my music through BT unless it was for a long ride since Apple's bluetooth doesn't allow you to switch tracks through the steering wheel controls.

    Another thing to consider is that I got an ipod special for the car and just leave it in the glovebox. If you are planning on using primarily your phone, it may be an annoying inconvenience to reach over, open the glovebox, connect it, etc everytime you get in/leave the car, and you won't have your phone at hand's reach unless you leave the glovebox open and leave the phone in the cupholder.
    marsdog ·
    Hey Argon, how the Axela! I'm got my hottie well over 17K miles and I love it more every mile! Question for you, I'm about to take delivery on a new iPhone 3Gs and I went back and found some old threads about bluetooth audio and iPod Integration dock. It sounded like you might have installed the dock to get that full connectivity of the steering wheel controls/MID screen. I would really love to do this, but the price (after install stops me every time. I know I can order the integration module at a much cheaper priced from places like mazda gear ($116) as opposed to twice that at a dealer, but not sure about the install. I asked the dealer if they'd install if I brought it in, but they gave me some sorta line about, if it doesn't work the first time, they wouldn't go in for free to get it working, so that scares me off. Maybe I could take one to a third party, but having someone not knowing Mazda tear open my dash scares me as well. Wondering if you ever worked anything out? Thanks!
    Argon ·
    Hey what's up? I didn't notice it up there at first either; it doesn't flash like some Msg boards.

    The drive was awful. There was no stretch of clear roadway all the way up the 5.
    kvn3812 ·
    yeah i'm the one you met in glendale on thanksgiving. didn't know there's a message indicator at top right hand corner until now, so i didn't see the message until now. how was drive back to san jose?
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