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  • gmazda16 ·
    @Arathol, thanks so much for all your input earlier. Appreciate it very much. I have just purchased H&R springs from Ebay and can't wait to get it. I will follow your advice. By the way, I am sure I'll have more questions for you later I hope you won't mind.
    aevlat ·
    Hi mate,

    I am reading many comments and have been reading the forum for hours. You seem like you know what you are doing.

    I currently have a mazda 3 2014 imported from japan and would like to install a firmware where language is available in english.

    Is it safe to move from JP to NA or EU

    aloof11 ·
    Hello Arathol,

    Quick question since I realized the setup I have is very similar to what you already have (Koni FSD/H&R Springs/16" OEM Wheels (plan to keep it at 16")/Dunlop Sig HP), its a '15 Mazda 3 Sport Sedan.

    I have not installed H&R/Koni FSD yet, my question was if the sway bar needs to be upgraded as well if going with the Koni/HR setup? From what Ive read it certainly helps but Im trying to figure out if its really needed (though I do plan on getting adjustable endlinks even if I stick with stock sway bar)

    arathol ·
    Never had yellows. They are more performance oriented and less ride friendly. FSDs will almost certainly be better on a street car unless you have some pretty radical springs. There are a number of forum members who have FSDs and feedback has been all positive. These seem to be a good choice if you want to upgrade and keep oem or better ride quality. I'm not sure who if any have gone from yellows to FSDs though.
    gfpettus ·
    Hey Arathol,

    If I remember correctly you switched from Koni Yellows to Koni FSDs?
    I did a quick search for anyone else that had done it, but didn't see anything initially. (I posted something dumb the other day and was making sure I did my due diligence, sorry bout that)

    My issue with my current setup is I feel like the ride could be a little better, I just dont know if I would ever be able to figure it out by adjusting back and forth the Koni Yellows. So I am doing a little more research to see if switching to Koni FSDs would be beneficial in the long run?
    Opinions? Do you know anyone else who also made this switch?

    Hope that wasnt too many questions.

    Thanks in advance
    marian.floricel22 ·

    I am writing you from my desk in Bucharest, Romania. Until June 13 I have contract with Renault Technologie Roumanie. I have worked here as a Vehicle Packaging Engineer. My job doesn't have anything to do with my passion for engines. I am doing this project for my final diploma exam, I am not tryin to fool anyone or to steal precious info, it is only for study. I can prove that, I can send you my project and stuff like that... I am just looking for help that's all...

    ps. My VPN or Ip status shows adress from Paris I think...

    itsdeekay ·
    Thank you for the valuable information. Will take this into consideration when purchasing tires/rims. One last piece of info if you don't mind answering. The OEM TPMS would be fine to switch over to another tire/rim after market brand? Members here say they have no problem using the OEM TPMS with aftermarket.
    itsdeekay ·
    I'm purely looking for aesthetic wheels while maintaining somewhat stock settings. stock setting is 205/50/16 so maintaining the same widths wouldn't matter? Some members here as well as yourself have the same set-up of 205/45 or 50/17 and there's no special modifications needed?
    itsdeekay ·
    Hey there,

    I saw you were posting in a thread and is that your red mazda 3? you mentioned it was 17" 7.5. Is your car lowered with springs?

    I just got a 2014 and have stock 16". Debating to get 16's or 17's. I like how your car looks too.
    BearlyHere ·
    Thanks for fixing the link. For some reason, when I try to post picks, the site says max size 0 kb. Could you check my privileges please?
    minsanity ·
    No argument from my end. Don't get me wrong...I appreciate your presence & policing. He must be 1 very dense guy to not have taken warnings seriously.:)
    minsanity ·
    Noted & understood, sir. Twas just a friendly appeal. Some may just lack social skills which forums like ours can help develop. After all, we learn from 1 another.:)
    Foggy ·
    Good morning,
    two days ago I wrote an introductory message in the "New Member Introduction & Forum News / Guides" but it is not yet visible. Is there any problem?

    Best regards
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