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  • CerealKiller ·
    I've gotten a new car since I installed those, but they worked exactly as they were supposed to when I had them. Much better than the original halogen DRLs. Here's how I did it.

    The R1 adapter: Remove the hi beam halogen bulbs. Starting on the passenger side, take the wire that was plugged into the halogen bulb and plug it into the main R1 adapter connector. Take the short relay that feeds out of the other end and plug the 9005 bulb in and insert that into your hi beam light housing. Take the longer relay wire across the front of the car, under the hood, to the driver side hi beams and install the 2nd 9005 bulb. Take the remaining neutral/ground plug (short wire with a metal resister) and insert the original hi beam plug that is no longer being used.

    Turn your car on and put it in neutral. Make sure the parking brake is off (it kills the DRLs when activated) and go take a look.
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