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  • XKXXKXe30 ·
    Yes I did and I still have the truck. I do miss the speed though. Somedays I kick myself for trading it in when I think about how well I kept it. LOL I like my truck though. Maybe one day I'll get back into a turbo car but it might be a 1 series twin turbo.
    Its good to see your still on and going strong. How many miles u have now?
    Rherold9 ·
    I wish I had wheels that I could "slam" on but soon in the near future.... as in a few years lol... but I'll have to get before and after.
    Mercedes>Bmw ·
    I was scared out of my mind but it was just around the block and it was hard for him to steer, he almost hit a pole. P.s. I'm happy now that my bastard uncle took that 1990 300E because it's what got me into Older Mercedes, I'll get a better one (In better condition). BMW was my uncles 7 series, E38 and gawking at them online.
    Mercedes>Bmw ·
    My grandpa had a 1990 300E 4 years ago and he couldn't see anything, I was 11-12 at the time and I was the one to start it up every few days (I loved it, it got me into Older Mercedes), Instead of every week I did it every 3 days because it was such a joy and I was exploring different cars at the time just sitting in them listening to music. My grandpa was 80 at the time, could barley see anything and one day he took it on a drive with me in the passenger,
    Mercedes>Bmw ·
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    Read it all.
    Mercedes>Bmw ·
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    Rherold9 ·
    Thinking though of getting Drag DR-33s instead 17s. They are 460 shipped brand new in gold... Look close to those.
    Rherold9 ·
    Those will look better in person especially with the small drop I have. Thanks for the picture! Do you like em?
    XKXXKXe30 ·
    LOL for some reason I thought u were a chick but since your posts in the thread where the guy says he sucks at driving stick, I'm starting to realize u must b a guy. Hahaha
    Karazycarlos ·
    hey i saw the thread on stickerbombing...did you ever do it? i have a couple of pics of my car with all the sticker bombing ive done
    3i2011 ·
    haha sorry. I though it'd be better to wait til next week. Coach kicked my ass in xc on monday and I was still sore as eff from my improper work out saturday. I didn't want to start and half ass it. I'll be good to go on monday, I promise.
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