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  • Remz ·

    I read one of your post that you wanted to install your side mirrors with the blinkers on. How was the mod? I am also thinking of purchase a pair of those and installing that myself.

    Which two wires (colors) at the original mirror connector did you connect the blinkers led wires to? Would you be able to provide a write-up with pictures on how you DIY the mirror with blinkers on? Thanks!..

    Hope to hear from you soon!...Cheers!...
    vwsb74 ·
    hey, can you give some imfo about your tein-s springs? is the front and back level or the front is lower than the back like the roadmagnet? how many fingers in the front and back?thanks a lot.

    Joeboy ·
    Hey man, Just noticed your profile pic? Where did you make that or find it somewhere? Looks like my car!! I'd love to get a higher res copy if you have one?

    Here's an album of my car:

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